Pinkopolis on Point

Pinkopolis on Point

Pinkopolis on Point represents the various ways that Pinkopolis and Pinkopolians add value to and contribute to communities of people online and in our respective physical lives.

On the left hand side of the homepage, you will note a drop down box labelled ‘Pinkopolis Pieces’. This represents the categories of posts you will find here on the Pinkopolis Website. To find out about how Pinkopolians are contributing to their own communities, and how you can be involved, click on the category called ‘Pinkopolis on Point.’

Here you will find a collation of posts by Guest Pinkopolian Bloggers sharing positive personal views and experiences about both engaging in their communities and creating change.

Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does!

Submit you own testimony!

Are you currently engaged in away that is making a positive change in your community, online or offline?

We would love to hear from you and provide you with an audience to offer support and encouragement. Two things we can all use, especially when we are working hard to make a difference!

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