Pinkopolis Glossary of Terms

Pinkopolis Glossary  of Terms

‘Awesomoungus’ – A Lou Lou created word that means Awesome amounts of  awesomness (Submitted by Miss Twinkles)

‘A-non-I-manimal’ – Anonymous grunting male chat animal verging on being a fungus

‘Booeyism’ – Booey’s take on life and philosophy.

‘Chatnesia’ – When you wake up in the morning and come into chat and can’t remember why you are hugging a red dot.

‘Critter/s’ a word used primarily as a term of endearment for people. Initially used by Pinkopolis Admin Miss Lou Lou, it has now infiltrated the vocabulary of almost everyone she knows.   

‘Funga-manimal’ – A fungus who turns out to be a man animal as well

‘Fungusamongous’ – A word that Pinkopolians use to describe a suspect critter, item or event that is in the vicinity. (Submitted by Joey)

‘Fungusaurus’ – an uncharacteristically HUMUNGOUS FUNGUS that needs instant banning. (Submitted by Toobles)

‘Go Fungus Yourself’ – Go and get Antibiotics for your sickness (Submitted by a Non Knee Moose)

‘Hunt and Peck’ – Another way of describing a two (2) finger typist, i.e. #Pinkopolis Admin Ernie. (submitted by Nolesfan8080)

‘Lounami’ – What takes place when Miss Lou Lou enters any vicinity with a mission in mind. (Submitted by Booey)

‘Louvely’ – an obvious combination of Lou and lovely, in essence, as lovely as Loubles/ Miss Lou Lou (submitted by Toobles)

‘Pinkoplessness’Doing without Pinkopolis (Submitted by John C)

‘Pinkopolis Dropout’ – Someone who did not wait to get the full flavour of the Pinkopolis Chat Room and abandoned Pinkopolis for a poker or fighting fungus room. An action which consequently created a deficiency within the offending individual, taking years  and a good delivery of a *trout-a-la-carte* lesson by a Pinkopolis Admin to remedy.

‘Pinkopolisitis’ The state one is in after being bitten by the Pinkopolis bug (Submitted by Xavier)

‘Pinkopolisticallytantastic’  – 1. an emotion of complete tranquility, with a dash of intelligence, sense of humour, and twinkleness.

2. a real fancy word for being happy among friends

 (Submitted by Downy)

‘Pinktabulous’ – Better than fabulous! (Submitted by John C)

‘Punkopolis’: Pinkopolis Mohawk wearer from Pinkopolis. May also be spotted sporting handy safety pins in pink through the nose and lip. (submitted by Miss Twinkles)

‘Snaffing’ – A combination of snorts  OR snorks and laughter. Hopefully NOT accompanied by the associative drainage.

‘Snorks’ – A feminine snort, most accurately demonstrated by Miss Twinkles, and  now a common occurrence by most female Pinkopolians.

‘Stardism’ – Obscure Stardom (Submitted by Twinkles)

‘Stubs-a-non-knee-Moose’ – A Pinkopolis ‘Spin Off Room’ (think Private Practice to Greys Anatomy) that was created by Frankus by accident when he was unable to pronounce ‘Studs Anonymous’.

‘Tanktastic’ – The name provided to Wil (aka Uncle Tank Tank)  during his star quality performances!!   (submitted by Lifesgood_76)

‘Trout a la Carte’ – being subjected to all of Miss Lou Lou’s various trout slaps at the same time. Rare occurrence, usually takes place as weird term of endearment. (Submitted by Toobles and edited by Miss Lou Lou)

‘Twinkalouloutastic’ – Overly fantastic with warm hugs and wishes added (submitted by Nekkedd)

‘Twinkopolis’ – When Miss Twinkles is the only admin in the room. (Submitted by Toobles)

‘What The Fungus’ (WTF) – A phrase Miss Lou Lou uses because she feels the 4 letter F word is not appropriate. (Miss Lou Lou @ Ernies insistence)

34 responses to “Pinkopolis Glossary of Terms

  1. Pinktabulous
    better than fabulous
    example……I spent some time with the Pinkoplians so now I am pinktabulous

    • Hi Maurice 🙂 Apply it to anything that makes you feel great. A great meal is ‘awesomoungus’ That special someone who does something special for you is ‘awesomoungus’ and that moment when your team scores is ‘awesomoungus’…. 😀

      #Pinkopolis Admin Miss Lou Lou

  2. a couple of pink type words for submission-lol-
    fungusaurus: an uncharacteristically HUMUNGOUS FUNGUS that needs instant banning.
    louvely: an obvious combination of lou and lovely…in essence, as lovely as loubles.
    twinkopolis:when twinks is the only admin in the room dsl;aj;fldjf;ljdsfs;djf;lj
    trout a la carte:an offense warranting being slapped by all of lous various trout versions at once, one step short of being a “fungusaurus”-(see above lol)

  3. anonimanimal-anonymous grunting man animal verging on fungus…
    fungamanimal:a fungus who turns out to be a man animal as well..

  4. ok try pinknotherapy-psychiatric treatment to cope with the loss of pinkopolis whilst having to perform ones job or other life type duty.

  5. pinkopolis dropout-someone who didnt wait to get the full flavor of the room and ABANDONED pinkopolis for a poker or fighting fungus room….thus creating a deficiency within themselves taking years to remedy and requiring by pinkopolis member charter a good ” trout a la carte” lesson from an admin.

  6. snaffing-a combination of snorts OR snorks and laughter.hopefully NOT accompanied by the associative drainage.

  7. jurassic trout-the largest most painful bigass trout lou can slap you with…worse than even trout a la carte-so be careful boiiiiii !

    • *chuckles* thanks for visiting Wilder. This is a Page that contains many of the weird and wonderful sayings some of us come up with over in our Chat forum ‘Pinkopolis’ It is certainly a bunch of laughs most of the time!

      Thanks so much for your comment 🙂

      Miss Lou

  8. twinkerysm – a twinkle like aneurysm invovling a and sudden outburst on the microphone following but a deludge of laughter (or cackling) submitted but scott aka apk

    yay-some – so awesome you can’t stop yYYYyayyayyyyyyyying! submitted by miss twinkles.

    (please feel free to edit)

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