Packed House 3 – The earth moved @ Pinkopolis Karaoke!

Packed House 3 @ Pinkopolis!


Once again, Pinkopolians brought out their best, dazzling, blinding and possibly deafening the international community with prodigious performances!

Here’s a peek at what went down AND lifted us up last Friday evening @ Packed House 3 – Pinkopolis Karaoke!

Candy C left us Star Struck with her performances of Mamas Broken Heart –  Miranda Lambert and took us back to the 80’s – a time of permed hair, torn jeans and massive headphones with The Bangles hit, Walk like an Egyptian!

Practically a chat and real life Karaoke Icon, Dobber impressed the Pinkopolian audience with his rendition of Jason Mraz’s I wont give up.

With outstretched arms Ernie was welcomed as he serenaded us with tunes such as ‘Hello’  and ‘Say you, Say Me’ by Lionel Richie, I see Love and Let her Go by Passenger. Heartstrings were pulled, as almost every person was transported to a time of love lost as our Ernie crooned Something to Remind You, and then went on to redeem the emotions, webbing us with Tangled up in You, also by Staind.

The Pinkopolis crowd welcomed Ernie with outstretched arms as he serenaded us…

Personally requested (by me, who wasn’t present and will no doubt be trout slapped) Ernie shared a beautifully , emotive performance of Tracey Chapman’s ‘Baby, Can I hold you tonight’. You cannot hear this song enough when Ernie sings it. Just beautiful.
Ernie finished his evenings performances with Ed Sheeran’s ‘Kiss Me’.

Relentless audiences demanded more, almost pulling their own and each others hair out as Geeze rocked the room, Crooning out his cover of ‘Hard to Handle’ by the Black Crows and then pulled out, and lit their candles – listening intently as he delivered Van Morrison’s hit ‘Into the Mystic’.

Our Trivia Queen, ‘Issy’ performed a poem, she herself wrote and then went onto awe us with a beautiful rendition of and Indonesian song; Menjadi Kenangan (Be a Memory).

 then went onto awe us with a beautiful rendition of and Indonesian song

John C was fantastic, entertaining us, and putting smiles on faces, he wowed us all with his determination and excellent delivery of ;

1000 miles from nowhere by Dwight Yoakum ( This is a personal favourite of mine, and I never knew the name! Go figure. Thanks John)

Blast from the past with Chattanooga Choo Choo by Glenn Miller & The Nicholas Brothers

… and who remembers this one from… Grease?…. (I think it was Grease)… Blue Moon by The Marcels
Began, Gene Pitney’s ‘Only love can break a heart’… memories!
Bobby Darrin’s ‘Splish Splash’. (Awesomeness)

Then enters the hit for Tommy James & The Shondells – ‘Crimson And Clover’

Visions of Stitch (Walt Disney’s HIT; Lilo & Stitch) grooving on Surf Boards jumped into minds listening to ‘Burning Love’ by the King, Elvis Presley! – Oh and, did anyone else want to Marry Elvis back in the day? *Swoons and Faints*

Another favourite had butts wigglin’ in chairs; North To Alaska by Johnny Horton  
 ‘Sitting on the Dock of the Bay’ by Otis Redding left us listening and allowed us to reminisce about our experiences.. (and movies, or is that just me?)

Singin’ a tune, all to familiar to some ‘Run Around Sue’ is the tale of a Disloyal Lover. Originally a US No. 1 hit for the singer Dion during 1961 after he split with the Belmonts, John did it justice entirely!

A song that always see’s me singing like a wolf… and a last hurrah –  ‘It’s only Make Believe’ by Glenn Campbell.

Thanks so much John C, for a spectacular line up of performances, worthy indeed, of an encore!

New to the mix, lil’ plum shone a blinding light on the Pinkopolis Karaoke Stage singing ‘All about us’ by He Is We, ‘Big City Dreams’ by NeverShoutNever and ‘Fuck you, Fuck me’ (Fungus You, Fungus Me in Pinkopolian language) – which appeared to be a classic in the making, written by the Lil’ Plum herself.

Finally, a song many a person has no doubt sung to the chatter choirs after signing out, logging off and banging their own head on their desks – ‘Mean’ by Taylor Swift wrapped up Lil’ Plums programme for the evening!

A song many a person has no doubt sung to the chatter choirs after signing out, logging off and banging their own head on their desks…

Another newcomer didn’t disappoint – M.F Booty shared ‘Valentine’ by Kinna Grannis, ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz and finished off with ‘You’ve got a Friend’ by James Taylor! Thanks so much to our incredible new talent.

Mz Fierce Booty, awe-inspiring talent and our Packed House R1 Karaoke winner delivered ‘In Your Arms’ and Stay Just A Little by Kina Grannis

Mr Noodles did a fantastic representation of ‘Found Out About You by Gin Blossoms and his emotive performance of ‘Still Fighting it’ by Ben Folds firmly established his place as Pinkopolis’ theatrical genius! The long haired legend finished his Spine Tingling routine by hypnotising his fellow roomies (and real life house mates) with his perfected rendition of Would’ by Alice in Chains. If it was a benefit, we would have raised millions!

Miss Noles entranced the Pinkopolian audience with her version of the late 90’s hit ‘Don’t Speak by No Doubt, thrilled us, Singing out ‘I Touch Myself’ sung primarily by the late Chrissy Amphlett of the Divinyls.
‘Vienna by Billy Joel was then closely followed by While my Guitar Gently Weeps’  by the Beatles, ‘Goodbye to You’ by scandal and brought the a close with the infamous and many times covered , BUT NEVER AS GOOD AS THIS —-> ‘I want you to want me’.

Enters our beautiful talent, Plummy. Her sultry and soulful voice moving us in an iconic way with the tunes of truly ‘iconic’ female artists

Enters our beautiful talent Plummy, her sultry and soulful voice moving us in an iconic way with the tunes of ‘iconic’ female artists; ‘I Love you honey’, ‘Never No More’ and ‘The heart You Break’ by Patsy Cline and ‘Don’t you Remember’ & ‘Rolling in the Deep’ by Adele. Seemingly unaware of her stellar performances, Plum would be an awards magnet if she was in the industry. ‘Dreams’ and ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac were no less striking, and for those of us who love Stevie Nicks, we can say that Plummy delivered renditions the artist would be proud of.

Moments after she entered cyber stage right, our curvaceous star delivered Taylor Swifts ‘White Horse’ and ‘Love me Tender’ by Elvis. ‘The Lion Sleep Tonight’ saw Pinkopolians practically swinging from the Chat Room trees by the tails, participating with great enthusiasm every time the chorus arrived…..

Sierra tempted us with the idea of a rock ‘n’ roll slug fest, beginning with ‘Good Riddance’ by Green Day. It soon became apparent, when she passionately belted out ‘Love Song’ by Adele that there would be no Air Guitar, long haired critters (Mr Noodles) celebrating in Pinkopolis during this segment. (Mr Noodles only response to being accused of being an Adele fan was LOL…)
‘Peaceful, Easy Feeling’ by The Eagles brought the end to Sierra’s performances for the evening, and left us all with just that.

Tank thoroughly entertained on-listeners in his usual fashion, starting with ‘Be here’ by Rafael Saadiq, crooning out ‘Greatest Love Song’ by Musiq and finishing up with ‘With you, I’m Born Again’. Originally delivered to the world as duet in 1980, by Billy Preston and Syreeta, Wil made it his own when he shared it with the Pinkopolian World.

Pinkopolis Admin Miss Twinkles rocked EVERYONES world when she shared the favoured tune ‘Old McDonald had a Farm’ into all our minds. It appeared Old McDonalds farm was over run by German Shepard’s, Chihuahuas, Great Danes, Blue Heelers, Pit Bulls and Dingo’s.

Wonker, singing for the first time in Pinkopolis didn’t disappoint, ‘Boy’s don’t Cry’ by The Cure and ‘Glycerine’ by Bush = Fantastic Start to his Pinkopolis Karaoke Career!!

Sadly, I was busy, with 452646 things all happening at once and I didn’t make it to Karaoke. I don’t think I will ever forget it after the write up of this Post Article. Especially that bit where all the dogs overran Miss Twinkles Farm!

#Well done #Unforgettable

11 responses to “Packed House 3 – The earth moved @ Pinkopolis Karaoke!

    • Missed the Korean song “My Memory”. I almost choked to cry when i was about to sing that one

      • Thanks so much Issy. I was using notes as I was not actually there myself, would you please be able to provide me with the details of the song and I will pop it in 🙂

        *huggles* #PinkopolisAdminMissLouLou

      • Lou Louuuuuu How are you? No worries about the song lol the tittle was My Memory and i did made up a poem in between when i sang this song lol the poem was like…. even he couldnt recognize me, couldnt feel me, i would still love him as long as he is alive…. i will bring this memory to my grave… i forgot some hahahaha

      • *huggles you Issy! I’ve no doubt it was beautiful and I regret I was not present to be able to hear how much of a beautiful job you did!

        I am really wonderful, thanks so much for asking – exceptionally busy with work and family recently.

        *huggles you*

        #Pinkopolis Admin Miss Lou

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