Exposing July’s Nuts

Exposing Julys’ Nuts!


Are YOU a Trivia Buff? Join us. Trivia Running 24 hours/ seven days a week —–> You can find us here: http://www.paltalk.com/g2/group/1494145729/DisplayGroupDetails.wmt

Fun, social, positive environment, with great people. (Most of who are a little nuts) lol

Another action packed round of Trivia! Well done to everyone that participated!

Plummy & Stackmite take out the award for being this months biggest pair of Trivia nuts.

Kudos to everyone else who participated!

Month of July

Plummy 3667

Stackmite 3333

Hunnie Bee 2666

Toobles 2226

Issy 1910

Lollz 1518

Mr Noodles 576

John C 447

Mr Arse 444

Nitey 410

Plummy broke Stacks 1 month streak… Stay tuned for more Trivia action this month (as soon as Mr Vader finishing moving) 😀

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